Friday, September 17, 2010

Growth, Belief -- and Believing

Pro-Growth - the engines of our economy - certain things in the American spectrum of life do not necessarily lend themselves to the "you're either growing or dying" sort of philosophy. Certain kinds of businesses do not need to, or have to - keep growing their markets in order to sustain themselves.

And I understand, believe me, that if the public owns "stock" in a company - their profits and growth rates need to keep the pace which they had previously forcast to investors and/or stockholders. I *get* that...

Certain towns in America - Carmel, CA comes to mind - have managed their growth and been just fine. I live currently in Nashville, TN and there is a mentality here of growth, growth, growth! Do we want to become Atlanta, GA? Jeeze! And I hate to say it - but - many beautiful little towns in France... have been just perfect, for 500 years.

What the heck is wrong with a company or many select "entities" growing to a certain size and then just "being in business" and maintaining it's value or charm *at* that point. Like an Ice Cream company? Or a Shoe manufacturer? Or a town in North Dakota? Are there never any points of "optimum"?

What will it take, in our various environments, to achieve the agreement that some level of something is enough? At what point is there something called satisfied? And don't get me wrong, we can keep consuming and changing our environment until we are satisfied. That's what is great about America. The freedom to choose when enough is...

Anyone under a given set of circumstances can be satisfied with what they have - think of certain actors... that have disappeared from the public eye... no more fame... Could it be they are happy with what they've achieved and are now just - living?

What will it take in your life to achieve that optimum level of happy and content? Life on earth, in my opinion, should be mostly about one thing... living.

Life -- living.
Breath -- breathing.
Love -- and loving.
Belief -- and believing.

Do *you* get it? If not... when?
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