Thursday, July 19, 2012

Citizens United, Businesses and the Corporate Mix

Sometimes we forget in the discourse of a civil political conversation that as Mitt Romney put it "Businesses or Corporations) are People too!" and I know it sounds silly but this could not be a truer statement. Corporations and Businesses are referred to and vilified much too often - in the press and in movies and elsewhere as 'evil'. They are actually just legal congregations of people trying to make a buck and to protect themselves from the taxman at the same time... Just... like... you... and... I.

Now. Here comes the impact of the Supreme Court's Ruling on, and the Impact Of "Citizens United" which supplanted the flawed (McCain-Feingold) Law... That decision and subsequent lower court decisions have led to SuperPACs, which allow corporations, unions and individuals to make unlimited contributions, pool them together, and use the money for political campaigns - Democrats definitely got their feathers ruffled when the Citizen's United Supreme Court Case came down but had no complaints when things were going their way when they crushed McCain in 2008 Using all legal tactics (PAC's) available to them. ----

However, after the 2010 Mid-Term Tea-Party disaster 'House' takeover, the rumblings started and the handwriting was on the wall and has gotten bigger and bigger and now all HELL has broken loose with the Individuals and *remember* Businesses... being able to give unlimited money to their chosen SuperPACs... But the Democrats and Obama are fearing they are going to get their butts kicked in the last four months of the 2012 Presidential campaign and all of a sudden Businesses and SuperPACs are corrupting our political system. The figures were there for anyone to look up regarding how much money "Wall Street" and The "Tech Sector" or the "Teacher's Unions" gave to the Obama campaign in 2008 ( and nobody said a word. NOT A WORD.

That said, there are those, including myself who believe that the secret nature of SuperPAC donor lists are a bad, rather than good thing and that Congress should modify the law so that any press outlet or individual can see who is contributing to whom as a matter of public law -if- the "Entity" is going to exceed the "Individual" limit of $2500. That will stop some contributors from giving in 'anonymity' the Million$$ checks with impunity.

Obama has in the recent past, brazenly with Muy Macho - openly challenged Romney's character as well as his wife's (through surrogates) womanhood. Well Romney, like any good Republican, if history is to be any teacher, is going to answer Obama (I'm tellin' ya) the only way he should - and that is to take him out 'back of the Ballot box and settle it there ...the way Reagan did.

And that is respectfully why Businesses and Corporate Donations need to be *unmodified* as long as their donations are disclosed in the future... and admittedly, why the SuperPAC's setups clearly *need modifying* I will grant you.