Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Asleep at the Wheel

In my opinion,
Our Conservative Brothers & Sisters have been asleep at the wheel for 30 - 40 years being busy building families, earning a living, watching TV and allowing their children to be inculcated into the Liberal Dream while in HS and College... meanwhile the State Senates and Federal Dems who were able to amass power during this time, quietly went about their business of appointing department heads in Federal Agencies, who then hired like-minded Liberals who have all dug-in like ticks into the Federal and State Bureaucracies with the Unions behind them and have poisoned the entire system... which were are now *all* dealing with... So in comes A President who knows what to do with this entire Apparatchik EPA, FDA etc... and we the Voting public are left to deal with the facts that no matter what we do - and no matter WHOM we elect... this evil structure will be in place for a long time until and if we get a President and Attorney General in place who will start wholesale firings come hell-or-hi-water and deal definitively with the 5th and 9th Circuit Federal Judges that try and overrule these firings... it's going to take some real Balls... in a President/AG (or Ovaries). Jay Rephan 6-12-2013