Monday, June 18, 2007

Scans of Monks' Brains Show Meditation Alters Structure, Functioning

As we each learn how to cope with lifes' goings-on, we learn how to handle age changes, partner changes, job changes etc.

The egg-heads teach many coping mechanisms i.e. therapy, excercise, education, mentorship, yoga and the like.

However, back in the day, another less taught coping strategy was meditation. A calming sedentary and spirutual undertaking that many throughout the ages have found to be the best answer to an overall healthy beingness.

I ran across a great article I would like to share that more or less proves the value of meditation as an answer that has worked, but physically changes and alters the brain as well.

Enjoy & discuss. Click here...


As I get my Blog organized, I find that rather than simply blogging about any of the three or four subjects that I feel qualified to write about... I'm probably going to have to split into three or four separate blogs

1. General Technology and Trends associated with teaching the average guy why it all matters
2. Mobile Technology - having your tech "move" with you
3. The politics of world order, religion and the associated economic picture
4. Spirituality and the Balance of Life

So, until I figure out how to move some posts to the correct Blogs... I will continue to use this blog "Balance of Life" as a catch-all.