Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The dreaded "DeathWhip"...

As my writing skills and my ideas for this story (blog) develop, the diversity for a while will be extremely varied.

In life, I don't pretend to know everything that's significant, but lately my dreaming seems to be, well, all over the place. Sometimes a series of chase dreams, sometimes sexual, sometimes just darn pleasant. But this morning's dream - well, let me know if you find anything significant.

In my dream, a gorgeous woman and myself were in some sort of a basement playroom spending a nice quiet evening together playing pool... on a u-shaped slot car track where the track, instead of being flat was u-shaped all around it.

Instead of there being slot cars, or even billiard balls... there were stuffed animals all around the track in bunches - laying along the track with long empty spaces with no animals, just track.

I said to her, "I've got my eye on you now, so be careful!" She teasingly replies... "What do you mean, 'you've got your eye on me" with a smile as she was leaning over the track with a pool cue about to make a shot.

I said, "I just wanna make sure you behave!" As she made her shot (with some stuffed animal along the track) she said, "It's not me you have to worry about, it's your dog"... "Why do I need to worry about her?" I said.

I have two dogs, one is an old, overweight Austrailian Sherherd (Daisy) and a young 2 and 1/2-year-old Jack Russell named 'Jasmine'. One of Jasmine's favorite passtimes is destroying stuffed animals. Fisrt the eyes and butt then the stomach and stuffing. Then she just beats it into submission and eventually, it dies.

Anyways, she replied... "you need to be worrying about her grabbing one of thes animals off of this track and subjecting it to the "DeathWhip!" Which is a sort of figure-eight back and forth slamming of the animal into the carpet until it eventually meets it's maker.

so there you have the dreaded "DeathWhip".

When you get that figured out for me, please post a comment below!

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